当社が手配するキナバル登山パッケージはAmazing Borneo Tours & Events Sdn Bhdにより催行されます。

Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms & Conditions

(i) If payment is not received by the stated due date, your bookings might be released to other waiting clients without prior notice.

(ii) Upon confirmation, no refund is allowed in the event of tour cancellation by client unless otherwise stated.

(iii) 4% convenience fee will be added for payment via credit card ? A payment web link will be sent to you for this selected option and will be charged in Ringgit Malaysia only.

(iv) All bank charges, if any, via telegraphic transfer should be borne by client.

(v) Payment of the booking fee and reservations for the activity means that you have read, agreed and accepted the booking T&C, itinerary, inclusions & exclusions stated in email /website /fax or other means.

(vi) Although much efforts are put in all tour arrangement in this beautiful eco-wonderland of Borneo: - we reserves the right to alter routes, timetables, itineraries and accommodation reserved should conditions beyond our control render it necessary.


The reservation for Mount Kinabalu Climb package can only be held for 2-3 days (unless otherwise stated) from the date of issue of client invoice. A 50% deposit is required to secure climb slots and the balance must be paid one (01) month prior to departure. For short term reservation made within one (01) month prior to departure 100% full payment is required to secure climb slots and admission to the tour. Failure to comply with this may result in an automatic cancellation of your reservation and the release of your climb slots to others in the queue system without prior notice. All bookings are subject to availability at the time of booking.


Amendment to bookings after payment is made will be charged at a minimum of RM30 per service amendment in addition to any charges as levied by the airlines, hotels, climb operators or service providers concerned. A transfer to another package less than 30 days prior to departure does not constitute an amendment but entails the cancellation of the original booking and is subject to the appropriate cancellation fees stated in the clause of "Cancellation Policy".


There would be no refunds for cancellation after the tour has commenced or for any unused tour services including but not limited to transfer, meals & accommodation, sightseeing or any other services not utilized.


Amazing Borneo Tour will endeavour to meet your special requests on meals, dietary requirements, private, heated or adjoining rooms, coach seating arrangements and so on, please inform the reservations department during booking. However, such requests are strictly subject to confirmation and availability.


On our adventure tours which include Mount Kinabalu Expedition, the location is in areas where it is less accessible and the events that may occur in such places are less predictable. There will be elements of uncertainty as we are visiting places where the political, cultural and geographical attributes present certain risks, dangers and physical challenges greater than those present in our daily lives. Amazing Borneo Tours put every effort to ensure comfortable travelling of the Client, but the Company seeks mutual understanding that certain parts of the destinations will not have the same facilities, emergency, healthcare and safety services of the same quality level as what the Client may be accustomed to in their own country. Road travel may be uncomfortable or even unreliable at times. Client may possibly encounter power failure, insufficient water and limited food selection in remote areas. It is a fundamental condition that the Client acknowledges that all adventure tours require some flexibility and the most meticulously planned arrangement can go wrong. The day to day itinerary is an indication of what the group should accomplish, but not a contractual obligation. It is understood that the route, schedules, itineraries, amenities and mode of transport may be subject to alteration without prior notice due to local circumstances or events, which may include sickness or mechanical breakdown, flight or rail cancellations, strikes, events emanating from political disputes, entry or border difficulties, climate and other unpredictable or unforeseeable circumstances. Therefore, the Company will make the necessary changes in view of the safety and best interest of the Client. These amendments may be made with or without the consultation of the Client. Nonetheless, the Company will do everything within our control to minimize the effects of the enforced changes. The Company, however, cannot be held responsible for the results of these changes, regardless of how they were caused.


Items not included in the price are generally described in the itinerary and include without limitation: airfares and airport taxes of any nature, both domestic and international; excess baggage charges as imposed by airlines; forwarding of baggage and purchases; passport and visa cost; camera charges; emergency evacuation charges, medical charges for inoculations; room service; all items of personal nature such as medicine, laundry, postage, beverages, photography charges and other personal effects and belongings like clothing, camera; meals not included in itinerary; alcoholic drinks; and telephone/cable/fax/internet charges; baggage, trip cancellation and personal insurance; souvenirs and gratuities to or tips for tour guides, tour leaders, drivers, hotel porters, etc.


For airport transfer, please provide the arrival/departure flight details at the time of reservation. Transfer arrangements will not be provided for bookings with missing or inaccurate arrival/departure information and there will be no refund for unused services. Our driver or representative will greet and meet you at the Airport arrival hall (unless otherwise advised) with a placard bearing your good name. Should you be unable to locate our representative or the appointed meeting place, please call the relevant telephone number stated on the voucher before making alternative arrangement. For all land transfers, the ground operator will make the arrangement in advance. Should you need to change the pickup time, please ensure the ground operator is informed at least 24 hours prior to your departure. The change request is subject to seat availability.


Unless otherwise specified, tours are conducted in English and provided in air-conditioned tourist coach, minibus or van depending on group size. Mandarin/Malay/Foreign Language speaking guides are available on request. Amazing Borneo Tours shall not be responsible or liable for articles left behind or lost in the vehicles. Pickup times from hotels are approximate and may be subject to traffic conditions. Should the transport be delayed, please call the relevant telephone number as stated on the voucher before making alternative arrangements. Amazing Borneo Tours reserves the right to alter routes, timetables, itineraries and accommodation reserved at short or no notice should conditions beyond our control render it necessary. Should the customers decide not to accept the alternatives, full refund of the amount paid by the customer will be made without further obligation or liability.


All passports and visas must be valid for at least six (6) months from the date of entry into the country destination. It is Client’s sole responsibility to ensure their proper travel documents. Amazing Borneo Tours will not be liable for any expenses, reimbursements or refund of any tour fare in the event that the Client is refused entry by immigration authorities into the country of destination for any reason whatsoever.


All tour packages offered by Amazing Borneo Tours are inclusive of Personal Accident insurance. However, Client is still strongly recommended to purchase a comprehensive personal travel insurance policy for the duration of the trip; to cover against Personal Accident, Loss of baggage, Delays, Unexpected alterations to travel arrangements, Cancellation, Act of God, Emergency Medical Evacuation, Infectious diseases, Epidemics, Terrorism etc. Clients must generally be in good health in order to enjoy the tour. It is recommended that all climbers should have themselves medically checked before attempting any mountain climb. It is vital that climbers with pre-existing medical problems or conditions make these known to Amazing Borneo Tours. It is also important that climbers consult their doctors for vaccination and other medical requirements before the trip.


Amazing Borneo Tours shall be exempted from liability for loss, injury or damage to property or personal accidents, delays irregularities or the occurrence beyond our control. Every person participating in any tour organized by Amazing Borneo Tours shall be regarded as carrying his own risk with respect to loss or injury to person or property.


Amazing Borneo Tours shall not be liable where the contract is affected by 'force majeure'. In the context of these terms and conditions, 'force majeure' is any event that is beyond the reasonable control of the Company or which are unavoidable by the exercise of due diligence on the Company’s part including but not limited to war, threat of war, riot, civil commotion or strife, hostilities, industrial dispute, natural disaster, fire, acts of God, terrorist activity, nuclear disaster, adverse weather, government action or technical problems with transportation.


It is possible that due to inclement weather or any other unforeseen circumstances that itinerary or routings could be changed. Arrangements of the similar standard will be substituted, should it occur. However no refunds will be available. Amazing Borneo Tours reserves the right to make changes to travel arrangements at any time without compensation. All prices quoted in the website are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as currency fluctuations, increase in transport costs, hotel rates, government tax etc


Amazing Borneo Tours will safeguard, according to strict standards of security and confidentiality, any information on the Client. The company will limit collection and use of the client’s personal particulars/information to the minimum and for the sole purpose of completing the transaction as well as facilitating the smooth delivery of services. Every effort shall be made to ensure the integrity of the client’s personal particulars and confidential information entrusted to the Company are not compromised. Amazing Borneo Tours also undertakes not to divulge the client’s personal information to any unauthorized third party without prior written consent.


Any comments regarding complaint/claims should be lodged in writing with supporting documentation to the Company within 7 days from date of return.

以下は、Amazing Borneo Tours & Events Sdn BhdのTerms & Conditions中の一部を和訳したものですが、当社はこの和訳に関して一切の責を負うものではありません。



(i) 支払期限までに支払いが受け付けられないときは、予告なしに予約を取り消し他の参加者に権利を譲渡します。

(ii) 予約が確定すると、特に明記しない限り参加者がキャンセルした場合、ツアー代金の払い戻しはありません。

(iii) クレジットカードでツアー代金を支払う場合は4%の手数料がかかります。ウェブサイトからクレジットカードでの支払いオプションを選び、マレーシアリンギットでのみ清算されます。

(iv) 電信送金にて支払う場合にかかる手数料など全ての料金は参加者の負担となります。

(v) 予約金を支払い予約が確保されると言うことは、参加者は電子メールやウェブサイト、Fax等その他に記載されているこの予約の取引条件、旅程、含まれるもの、含まれないもの等を読み、同意したこととみなします。

(vi) この素晴らしいエコワンダーランド、ボルネオで全てのツアーが予定通りにおこなわれるよう努力を惜しみませんが、私たちの管理を越えた状況のとき、ルート、スケジュール、旅程、予約した宿泊施設を変更する権利を当社は保有します。








Amazing Borneo Tourは食事、プライベート、温かい部屋、部屋の隣合、大型バス等参加者のスペシャルリクエストに応えるよう努力しますので、参加者は予約の際に担当者に申し出なければなりません。しかし、リクエストは可能かどうか確認が必要です。


キナバル山のツアーを含む当社のアドベンチャーツアーはアクセスが困難な場所へ行くことがあり、またそういったエリアでは予測が困難なことが起こるかもしれません。他にもアドベンチャーツアーは、政治、文化、地質学的な特質におけるリスク要素がある場所で、私たちの日常生活と比較してより危険でより身体的な挑戦を伴います。Amazing Borneo Toursは参加者が快適な旅行になるよう努めますが、当社は施設、救急措置、体調管理や安全面やその他のサービス等が、参加者がそれぞれの国で慣れ親しんだ同等のレベルで提供されない恐れがある事に対し参加者に相互理解を求めるものとします。車での移動は心地よくないかもしれないし、予定通りにいかないかもしれません。参加者は停電に遭遇するかもしれませんし、隔離された場所での水不足や食糧不足に遭遇するかもしれません。基本的な条件のもとでは参加者は全てのアドベンチャーツアーが柔軟性を必要とし、注意深く練られた計画でもうまくいかないことがあると言うことを認めなければなりません。旅程の日々のスケジュールは、そのグループが成し遂げるべき指標であり、契約上の義務ではありません。ルート、スケジュール、日程、設備そして特に送迎は、その時その場所での避けられない状況(例えば、病気や機械の故障、飛行機や電車の欠航、ストライキ、政治的抗争、入国困難な状況、気象上やその他予測できない状況など)により事前通知なしに変更する場合があります。したがって、当社は参加者の安全性と利益を見極め、事態に対して必要な変更をおこなうことがあります。またこの様な変更は、参加者と相談して決める場合もありますが、相談なくして決める場合もあります。当社は管理できる範囲内で強制的な変更が最小限に抑えられるように配慮します。しかし、その変更の結果、どのような変更がなされたかにかかわらず、その変更は当社の責に帰すものではありません。






特に指定がない限り、ツアーは英語で実施され、また人数に合わせてエアコン付き観光バス、マイクロバス、またはバンが提供されます。標準中国語/マレー語/外国語ガイドは申し込めば利用可能です。Amazing Borneo Toursは車内での置き忘れ、紛失について責任を負うものではありません。ホテル集合時間はおおよそで交通状況により左右されます。迎えが遅れているときは、代わりの手配をする前にバウチャーに記載されている電話番号に電話してください。Amazing Borneo Toursは私たちの管理を越えた状況のとき、ルート、時刻表、旅程、および宿泊施設を急にもしくは予告なく変更する権利を保有します。参加者が、代案を受け入れないと決めるならば、参加者が支払った全額を義務または責任なしに払い戻します。


すべてのパスポートとビザは、入国する日から6ヶ月の有効残存期間がなければなりません。それらの適切な渡航文書を確保することは参加者単独の責任です。Amazing Borneo Toursは参加者が入国監査官によっていかなる理由で入国を拒否されようとどんな費用、払い戻しまたツアー代金の返金について責任を負うものではありません。


Amazing Borneo Toursにより提供されたすべてのツアーパッケージは、傷害保険が含まれています。しかし、参加者はさらに、旅行期間中の人的事故、手荷物紛失、遅延、予想外の変更、キャンセル、天災地変、緊急避難、伝染病、伝染病、テロなどについて個人的な傷害保険、海外旅行保険に加入するように強くすすめます。参加者は、ツアーを楽しむために良い健康状態でなければなりません。すべての登山者は、登山を試みる前に健康診断を受診することが推奨されます。持病や健康状態についてAmazing Borneo Toursに申告することは極めて重要です。旅行の前に登山者が予防接種やその健康に関することでかかりつけの医師に相談することも極めて重要です。


Amazing Borneo Toursは、財産の損失、損傷、損害、個人的な事故、遅延等、または当社の管理を越える事態が発生した場合、その責任を負うものではありません。Amazing Borneo Toursにより企画されたツアーに参加しているすべての人が、損失または損傷について自己責任において管理しなければなりません。


Amazing Borneo Toursは、この契約が『不可抗力』の影響を受ける場合、その責任を負うべきものではありません。これらの取引条件の上で、『不可抗力』は平均的な判断力や注意力のある一般人の判断において合理的、妥当とみなされるまたは適切な注意によって避けられないもので、次のものが含まれるがこれに限定されないものとします。すなわち戦争、戦争の脅威、暴動、文民の騒動または紛争、交戦状態、労働争議、自然災害、火災、天災、テロ活動、核による災害、反対の天候、政府の命令、または交通についての技術的問題等です。


悪天候、または他の予期しない状況のために、旅程またはツアー内容が変更される可能性があります。変更後の手配が当初のサービスと同様のものとなるよう努めます。しかしながら、一切の返金はありません。Amazing Borneo Toursはいつでも保証(賠償)することなく、旅行の手配を変更することができる権利を持ちます。ウェブサイトで公示されている全ての料金は正式な料金ですが、通貨変動が起きた場合や、運送費、ホテルレート、政府税金等が通常想定される程度を大幅に超えて増額される場合、予告なく変更することがあります。


Amazing Borneo Toursはセキュリティと機密の厳密な標準により参加者についての情報を保護します。当社は参加者の個人的な詳細/情報の使用と収集を最小限にとどめ、処理の完成と容易でスムーズなサービスを目的としています。参加者の個人情報は完全に無傷であるようあらゆる努力をし、当社に委託される機密情報は危機に陥りません。Amazing Borneo Toursはまた、事前の同意なしで参加者の個人情報を無許可の第三者にも漏らさないことを請け負います。



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